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Breathtaking detail

as far as the eye can see.

EXPANSE uses a proprietary optical design similar to professional aircraft simulators to deliver a massive field of view and up to 4x HD resolution per eye.

Insert most modern smartphones into EXPANSE's universal clip.




Connect a bluetooth controller or air mouse to your smartphone.

Immerse yourself in your favorite movies, shows, and games on a massive screen with stunning resolution.

Three easy steps:

Up to 1440p (Quad HD) resolution per eye
Up to 110º field of view
See-through optical design
Headtracking using phone's IMU
Universal clip compatible with most smartphones
Compatible with many existing phone apps
EXPANSE Cinema app displays videos on an IMAX-size screen
Foam and silicone facial interface for comfortable viewing


Lightweight materials and improved center of gravity

Large Heading

EXPANSE works with almost any app that can be run in landscape mode with a controller including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Twitch, web browsers, and YouTube.

No need for custom apps.

Immerse yourself in

your favorite movies,

shows, and games with

5x the resolution of

other VR devices.

Expansive Reality

Anchor 1
A new way to binge watch.

The Expanse Cinema app turns your Expanse into a private theater for watching your favorite content. 

Small Heading

No more screen doors.

Netflix app in Expanse
Netflix app in Samsung Gear VR
Actual photos shot through each viewer with a Panasonic Lumix G7 using the 14-42 kit lens.
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